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Cor ne edito

June 22, 2023
Cultural Center Casa Melchor Pinto | Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
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August 4, 2022
Contemporary Art Museum | Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
The exhibition, made up of works done in nanking ink on Canson paper, presents us with female figures portrayed in black and white, portrayed with pensive expressions and a certain degree of melancholy. The main theme deals with altered perceptions of reality from the perspective of hidden emotions, often mistakenly considered as something negative.
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August 1, 2021
Picasso Gallery Garten Shopping | Joinville, Brazil
In Introspección the works present opaque colors and empty backgrounds. With the frequent use of black, occupying large portions of the canvas, the artist seeks to materialize anguishes and anxieties that remain present or that rush the person, limiting his ability to see reality beyond his four walls.