Exhibition details
Exhibition details
Exhibition details


July 31, 2021
Picasso Gallery Garten Shopping | Joinville, Brazil

The Art Gallery of Garten Shopping receives the exhibition Introspección by the bolivian artist Andy Serrano. This is the artist's first solo exhibition in Brazil. The exhibition opens on July 31 and can be visited until August 31.

Curated by the cultural producer Luciano Itaqui, Introspección presents oil on canvas works and ink drawings that represent ordinary people and hidden emotions, internal dramas and deep feelings.Besides the context of the characters, these paintings represent turbulent psyches, blurred pasts, and uncertain futures.

Andy S. has had a penchant for creating in general since he was a child. As soon as he learned to use a pencil, he started to draw and paint. He used to create fantastic characters and creatures, and he named them even before he learned to read. Years later, he began to experiment with other materials such as pens, marker pens, and charcoal. With time, he learned to have more discipline in his strokes, but maintaining the same creative intensity as a child. As an adult, he discovered the theoretical side of art. At the same time, he entered the world of painting, with the watercolor as his initial technique choice, followed by oil painting and, later, less known media, such as gouache and Indian ink.

In Introspección the works present opaque colors and empty backgrounds. With the frequent use of black, occupying large portions of the canvas, the artist seeks to materialize anguishes and anxieties that remain present or that rush the person, limiting his ability to see reality beyond his four walls.

Born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, the artist has lived in Joinville for five years, where he studied Bachelor of Science and Technology at the Federal University of Santa Catarina.

About what inspired him to create Introspección, Andy reveals:
"During my time in Joinville I did not have the opportunity to see many exhibitions in which the main theme was people. This was the first time I considered exhibiting. At the time, I had already painted some canvases and made several art studies and I found interesting the idea of sharing my work, which questions the beauty of hidden emotions. I find inspiration in the complexity of individuals, in the infinite perspectives, in the symmetry of things
in stories, and I definitely find great inspiration in music".