Exhibition details
Exhibition details
Exhibition details


August 4, 2022
Contemporary Art Museum | Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

On August 4, the inauguration of the art exhibition entitled "Hiperconciencia" was held. The exhibition, made up of works done in nanking ink on Canson paper, presents us with female figures portrayed in black and white, portrayed with pensive expressions and a certain degree of melancholy. The main theme deals with altered perceptions of reality from the perspective of hidden emotions, often mistakenly considered as something negative. The works are registered in a blockchain and have integrated chips that allow the visitor quick access to their respective technical information, as well as their certificates of authenticity.

The exhibition brings us a novelty in Bolivian art: An NFT work . This work becomes the first of its kind to be exhibited in a Bolivian museum. An NFT (Non Fungible Token) is a digital asset minted in a blockchain system and unlike a material asset, it is traded through different types of cryptocurrencies, with Ether (from the Ethereum blockchain) currently being the most popular currency for this type of transaction.

The applications of the blockchain system in the world of art are diverse, among them, security against forgery. Being a decentralized and public system, any modification of the digital asset is recorded permanently and incorruptibly. Another advantage of this system is the possibility of updating the information on the alterations that a work may have, such as its location, current owner, among others.

The author of this exhibition is the Bolivian artist Andy Serrano, graduated in Science and Technology at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, who exhibits for the first time in Bolivia innovating in the field by uniting art with technology.

Half of the funds raised with the sale of the works will be used as a donation to the women's shelter Casa de la Mujer, to contribute to its work of legal, psychological and shelter assistance to women affected by all types of violence.

The exhibition can be visited until September 3 of this year in the halls of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.